concentry ltd – treasury-centric consulting & SAP treasury solution tailoring.


Welcome to the world of concentry.

Concentric consulting with your Treasury in the center – this is the world of concentry ltd. Unlike any other business function every aspect of your business sooner or later affects Treasury. We believe that such a holistic view with Treasury at the center of all consideration can make a difference in securing revenue margins, optimising your value chain and improving working capital.

We can accompany you along the way to become a Treasury-centric organisation by what we call treasury-centric consulting.

Especially in times like these where industries transform, capital markets are in turmoil and technology is not only the enabler of change but is the change, it is imperative to shape your IT landscape to cope these challenges. We believe that a treasury software solution should be at the center of your ERP and not a satellite somewhere in the cloud(s).

We can accompany you along the way to implement your SAP Treasury solution at the heart of your Treasury-centric SAP ERP solution by what we call treasury solution tailoring.

The people at concentry ltd have a combined decades-long experience in the investment management and corporate treasury consulting industry. Together with you we design and implement processes and SAP Treasury software that best fit your specific needs.